Product schematic

Convert is an extremely versatile sofa: the armrest is available in different sizes, allowing you to visually optimize your living space by maximizing or minimizing the presence you want to give to the sofa.

It features a semi-automatic mechanism that makes it easy to open by simply pulling the matching band hidden in the backrest. It closes with the same ease without having to move the cushions or anything else.


Choose your configuration and covering and send us your request for pricing.


  • Opening mechanism by backrest rotation and unrolling.
  • Orthopedic wooden slats.
  • Standard mattress included.
  • Optional lifting mode.
  • The technical drawing always identifies the left facing element. The codes indicate the left and right facing elements respectively.
  • Not available in Bedford Fabric
  • Surcharge for superior mattress.
  • Surcharge for lifting mode option.
Compositions and Modules